Festive Deer "en croute"

Spinach / duxelles / game jus / butternut flan / chicory / savoy cabbage

Preparation for 4 people

This preparation is a bit of work in advance but once you are ready it is super comfortable at your party itself.
You put your meat rolls with dough in your fridge and before preparation you take them out and place them in the oven.


Deer "En croute":

- 800 gr venison fillet
-1 clove of garlic
- 3 sprigs of thyme
-1 sprig of rosemary
-10 gr cajun spices

Pare the deer fillet and save the parures, briefly marinate the fillet in olive oil and season well with Cajun herbs, smoked sea salt, thyme, garlic, rosemary. Quadrille the meat briefly in a hot grill pan and store briefly under foil in the refrigerator.

1.Dough "en Croute":

  • 250 g flour
  • 150 g butter
  • 2 eggs
  • Salt
  • 2 gr oregano
  • ½ clove of garlic
  • 2 gr smoked salt
  • a pinch of moringa (used when rolling out)


  • 1 egg yolk + 20 gr water -5 gr smoked salt

Knead the flour, butter, salt, cajun spices, chopped garlic, dried oregano and eggs into a homogeneous mass in a food processor about 1200 rpm (7-8 min) to activate the gluten. Wrap in foil and keep 30 min in the refrigerator.

When working with the dough later and rolling it out, brush it with a little bit of water and sprinkle some moringa powder on top of it before adding the rest of the farce.
When finishing of the dish and before putting it in the oven brush the dough with the Dorure here above and again a sprinkle of moringa so it will shine nicely.

2.Meat filling:

  • 250 g Parures deer fillet
  • 80 gr egg white
  • Pepper & sea salt
  • 100 gr cream

Cutter the parures (leftovers) of venison with the egg white and season firmly with pepper and sea salt.
Gently mix in the cream.

3. Duxelles of mushrooms:

  • 280 gr mushrooms:
  • 50 gr butter
  • 140 gr white Parisian champignons
  • 100 gr pieds de mouton
  •  20 gr shi-take)
  • 50 gr shallot
  • ½ clove of garlic
  • 130 gr brunoise

4. Savoy cabbage:

1 leaf of savoy cabbage

Cut a leaf of savoy cabbage and put it for 2 minutes in boiling water and then cool it in cold water.Dry the cabbage leaf and season with pepper and sea salt.

5. Bringing the main elements together

Roll out the dough on your work surface make a nice rectangle 18-23 cm and prick a few holes in the dough and thresh. Pass with a brush to wet the dough slightly and sprinkle with moringa
Spread the farce using a piping bag and spray the duxelles on this and spread out nicely with a pallet.
Place the savoy cabbage on the duxelles.
Place the deer fillet here.
Roll this up tightly and place in the fridge for 20 min.

Threshing the outside and cut squares in it, sprinkle generously with moringa.
Now let everything rest for a while before baking.
Bake at 230°C in the oven with a core temperature of 50°C. Preparation time about 12 min.
After the cooking time in the oven, let it rest for a while before cutting the croute.

6. Game demi-glace sauce

  • 4 dl game stock
  • 150 gr mire-poix (1carrot-1onion-80 gr smoked bacon)
  • Bouquet garni (1 leaf of bay leaf- 3 sprigs of thyme-1 clove-1 parsley stem)
  • 1 dl madeira

Demi-glace sauce

Saute the mire-poix and moisten with the wildfonds, madeira and add the bouquet-garni.Reduce the sauce to a nice glace and mount with a little cold butter.

7.Flan of butternut:

  • 250 gr butternut gravy
  • 125 gr milk
  • 50 gr cream
  • 250 gr juice of butternut
  • pepper and sea salt
  • 15 gr agar+ or 5 gr agar
  • 30 gr roux

Put the butternut through a centrifuge and collect the juice.
Bring the milk, cream butternut juice to a boil and add the roux.
Let it boil for a while and add the agar+ and season well with pepper and sea salt.
Pour the sauce into round silicone molds and freeze them.
Push them out of the silicone mold and allow to thaw.
Place a round of savoy cabbage on top.

8. Chicory:

  • 4 heads of mini chicory
  • 40 gr butter
  • Little water
  • Pepper & sea salt
  • sugar

Brown the chicory in a little butter (20 g) and continue cooking under cover.
When the chicory is cooked, brown it nicely in a pan with butter and season it with pepper and sea salt, a little sugar is optional.



Bon appétit !