Pasta pesto with moringa


Let's have fun in the kitchen with a revisited version of the classical pesto. A surprising combination of extra healthy ingredients make this dish an absolute winner. Bonus: Kids love this one! 



- A handful of baby spinach leaves
- A handful of basil leaves
- Pepper & salt
- 6 soup spoons of olive oil
½ advocado
- 1 garlic clove
- A pinch of chervil
- A small teaspoon of moringa 
- 2 soup spoons of lemon juice
- 75 gr.  pine nuts
- 4 soup spoons of nutritional yeast or grated parmesan 


- 200 gr. mushrooms
- Pasta for 4 people


Mix all pesto ingredients in a food processor to obtain a smooth pesto mix. Add more olive oil according to taste & preference.

Cook the pasta (we prefer oat pasta).

Bake the mushrooms with pepper and salt in some olive oil until slightly golden.

Drain the pasta, then mix in the delicious and nutritious pesto. 

Top with some mushrooms and a couple of basil leaves. 

Mmmmh. Enjoy!



This recipe is the result of a fun collaboration with Ellen Charlotte Marie, one of the leading Belgian food instagram influencers and a talented photographer. She is the author of a book called 'One healthy family'. 

Most of her recipes are vegan, gluten-free and made without the use of refined sugar, so it's ideal if you are looking for healthy recipes!