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4 reasons to use moringa based on some customers experiences

Hello and how nice to see you are taking your precious time to inform yourself about moringa. Today, we want to share some real life experience feedback from our moringa products .

Our website highlights the rich nutritional value of moringa and then people often ask: Allright, and what will it do for me?
And that’s a tough question to answer because our bodies are all different and react in very unique ways .

Nevertheless we decided to group the honest feedback we got from clients so far regarding the use of moringa capsules.


As a woman in her early forties, one of our clients suffers from arthritis and feels a true link between her daily use of the moringa capsules and the relief in her wrist arthritis pain.
Moringa is packed with antioxidants, calcium and phosphorous and reduces inflammations such as arthritis. This client is convinced ! 


A healthy gut is a key to feeling good!
To be honest, gut matters are a private topic and most of us don’t spontaneously open up about this. A whole new world opened up with moringa : conversations got started around this gut subject that affects many.
When we mention the amount of fiber in moringa (moringa is made up of 27% of natural fibers) we see that women get eager to share their problems because they feel like this could be a natural remedy for them. A growing amount of our clients come to us for capsules to use in order to promote a healthy gut : easy to use and no taste barrier !
5 gr of moringa powder or the equivalent in capsules promotes a healthy gut.
This being said, the link is made with weight loss where moringa is used to manage elimination and weight .

One of our reviewers said :

”I combine the capsules with intermittent fasting and feel great . Result: -5 kg in 5 weeks and lots of energy . I am a happy client“


Another male client took moringa because he wanted to boost his immunity and one of the ‘side -effects ‘ was that his skin was better hydrated. He shared that the skin on his face felt softer and smoother .

Long live the high amount of vitamin E present in moringa!!


We also have clients that come to us after a very tough time in their life where they were very sick. Such a lady came to us after having survived cancer two years ago. She is now healed , and will remain under medical monitoring for some time . Her goal is to boost her immunity and take care of herself in the best way that she can and her choice in this are moringa supplements. This lady in het late because moringa is well embedded in the Asian health culture. We are honoured that she choses The house of Moringa capsules as her ultimate supplement to help her keep her health & vitality.

This is a handful of the comments that we received from our clients and to all of you, and you who is reading this : we are grateful you are there !