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Do you sometimes talk to the moon?

Hey Moon,

My dear friend, how soothing it is to see you and to talk again.

We have been friends for such a long time and I miss our conversations. Remember when I used to sit on the roof of my parent’s house and talk to you because I couldn’t figure out life.

Well, fast - forward and here we are 30 years later, and I haven’t gotten any wiser on the subject.

Having children, definitely gave me the sense of purpose that I was looking for, and then, sometimes  I feel like that little girl again.

When I take the time to stop and slow down, which is considered an art down here, I feel very confused and lost to be honest.

I look at the world and everyone is going on with their lives, and then I look at the script of the world in the last year or so , and I just want to scream.

Is nobody feeling like I do?

Can I flip the channel?


 Today the need to speak to you is bigger than ever , I feel like the world has gone mad and that makes me extremely sad at times.

Then my mind becomes a cage , sometimes for days.

Should we close our eyes and just move on, numbed because that’s just what life is or is there another way?


Looking at you in the dark of night when the skies are clear, give me a sense of deep peace.

Talking to you, even without getting any answers back, lifts my spirit because you, from far away are looking at us in silence like a wise person. I feel like you know that “things will be what they need to be now”, and that we as people and as a planet have our path to follow.


It’s called a fate or destiny .


And just like I am sometimes watching the world, I know you are watching us.

Secretly, I hope that this also means that you are watching “over” us.

Under your moonlight, this thought, make my tears dry up faster . 

You are strong, wise and I trust that you know what’s going on down here and that after dark comes light.

Always .


Dear Moon,  it is a true pleasure to have you as a loyal friend.

Let’s catch up again soon.