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Green moringa smoothie


The secret weapon of this recipe: Massive nutrients and few calories.
High in fiber and protein this recipe will not disappoint.


- 1 frozen banana 
- A handful of spinach
- A handful of fresh or frozen mango 
- A dash of lime 
- ½ teaspoon of moringa (or according to taste)
- A dash of almond milk or coconut milk

Mix all ingredients in a blender 

- The chia pudding 
- 3 soupspoons of chia seeds 
- 6 soup spoons of plant based milk of your choice.


Mix the chia seeds with the milk and let it soak for a couple of minutes. Mix again and let it rest again for a couple of minutes, until you obtain a pudding like mixture. Is the mix to thick, add some more milk. 

Lower layer :
- 6 mashed strawberries

Fill the glasses with the mashed strawberries, the chia pudding and the green smoothie on top!

Pretty impressive sight!


This recipe is the result of a fun collaboration with Ellen Charlotte Marie, one of the leading Belgian food instagram influencers and a talented photographer. She is the author of a book called 'One healthy family'. 

Most of her recipes are vegan, gluten-free and made without the use of refined sugar, so it's ideal if you are looking for healthy recipes!