• What is moringa? 
  • Moringa leaves are harvested from the Moringa oleifera tree, a small fast-growing tree that is considered as the most nutrient-dense plant on the planet. Every part of this tree can be used for nutritional and health-supporting purposes. Traditional knowledge about moringa dates back as far as 150 AD when kings and queens used the leaves in their diet to raise energy and maintain mental alertness. The oil from the seeds was loved for its beauty-enhancing properties. Today, you will mainly find moringa products such as moringa leaf powder, moringa tea and moringa seed oil for skincare. 

  • What’s so special about moringa? 
  • The moringa leaves are ridiculously nutrient-dense. They are a source of 90+ nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. 

  • How much moringa can I consume in one day? 
  • For the moringa powder, we recommend starting with ½ teaspoon a day and building up to a full teaspoon per day. See how your body reacts at first, especially to the high fibre content and then adapt the dose. There are no limits to the amount of tea you can drink. 

  • What does moringa taste like? 
  • The dried moringa leaves used in tea taste rather neutral and have been blended with premium ingredients and natural flavours resulting in delicious tea blends.
    The moringa leaf powder has a bitter taste that is often associated with the taste of spinach or matcha. Blended with other ingredients, the taste will soften up. We advise you to try and see in which combinations moringa tastes best for you. Have a look at the recipes we provide on our website. 

  • How do I use moringa powder? 
  • Moringa can be used in a large variety of ways from smoothies to soups, from pesto to sprinkling it over salads or adding it to guacamole. Our moringa is 100% pure organic leaf powder, and it will accompany you and your culinary exploration. Have a look at the recipes here for inspiration. 

  • Are there any side effects associated with the use of moringa
  • Although there are no side effects reported from the use of moringa, we know everybody is different and can react differently to any food. So try it in a small dose at first, and see how your body reacts.
    If in doubt, dealing with chronic health issues, or on medication, please consult your physician first. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, we advise you to wait to try moringa or at least consult your physician. 

  • Can I use moringa when breastfeeding? 
  • Yes, you can! Moringa is great to give you energy and you will benefit greatly from the nutrients at this point in your life. Moringa has been proven to increase breastmilk production naturally. 

  • Do I get the same nutrients in the moringa powder as I do in the teas? 
  • The moringa powder and moringa teas are both made from carefully dried moringa leaves. The leaves are the same, all extremely nutritious and rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and immune-boosting properties. Nevertheless, the concentration varies: in one teaspoon of moringa powder, the concentration of moringa leaves is higher compared to one cup of moringa tea. 
    However, we selected other natural & healthy ingredients to be added to the moringa leaves in our tea blends, to bring you a variety of benefits and optimal health.

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